Fiore Rosa pt. I

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Fiore Rosa Pt. II

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Fiore Rosa Pt. III

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When God sent light, there was love. When sin came, there was a flood. When the rain drained, God sent a dove. When the pain came, Jesus came down from above. An uneven exchange in which a innocent rose gave its blood through love. A rose exchanged its petals for feathers and transformed  into a dove. Arose after three days Jesus and went up above. God replaced disgrace with his grace and opened up the flood gates to rain down more love.

De Nuevo

A master mastered a masterpiece. After the mastery, sin broke in and there lie a broken masterpiece. Broke and broken at every piece, the master carefully collected every piece. Piece by piece the master began to bring peace. A diligent artist, the masters hard work never ceased. What once was a broken heart became a new heart. The same frame with a different name became new art.

Santo Dio

The creator in His creativity created creation. That creation mated with creation and created a new creation. The new creation procreated and that procreation resulted into a nation. The first creation was tempted by the tempter and they gave into temptation. Worthy of condemnation, the nation needed a savior to save them from damnation. Covered in grace, how sweet the taste, The Savior saved the world and brought eternal salvation.